Wingerworth Community Fun Day

A fine but blustery day, I set off,  with my trust assistant, Lisa,  the car loaded with all the bag of mashings required for this kind of event. Putting up the gazebo proved to be a problem, but a nice gentleman came to help, so we got there in the end.

I laid out my models and presentation, pinned down hard to stop everything blowing down the field. It was nice to meet a few people who had previously only existed as emails. By 12.30 pm all the other stalls were set up, a kind of hush fell over the field, was anyone going to come?, the weather was not sparkling. the bouncy castle lay lifeless and flat on the floor.

12.45pm you started to notice more children appearing, some dressed as super heros, bumblebees. The bouncy castle was up, the brass band arrived, the event was off.

I guess it was not obvious what we were up to, cake stands and tombola's they understood but they were a but wary of us, so I took their wary glance as an sign and offered to explain what we were up to.... so it's you is it! Yes it is. We read something about it in the Derbyshire Times, or 'the children have been telling us about  a sculpture'.

I explained where we were using the presentation and how we had got there, about 30 times slightly different each time and handed out my little sheet with this web address printed on it.

I met a few of the children from class 2 at Deer Park Primary. We are going on an adventure together next week to Yorkshire Sculpture Park in preparation for a 'Sculpture Day' in school on the 2nd of June, we are all looking forward to it.

We talked about, tunnels and fishponds, houses built from Wingerworth Hall stone, what it must be like to be a stag, who provided the money for the project, how these projects come about, where I was from, how was I going to make the sculpture, what it will be made from, where the Hall had been.... the afternoon shot by.

I must admit I was very tired at the end of it, even though all I had done was talk,( I think it was the fresh air) the tea and buns were excellent, as an added bonus I learned that female ferrets are half the size of males  and I would love to own a donkey, there were three there on display. 

I think overall it went very well.

Next Thursday is the trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park with Class 2, the weather looks promising, I am looking forward to some good company.